We are currently taking submissions for publication in 2020. We are only looking for writers who have not yet published a book of literary fiction. I'm especially looking for female and LGBTQ voices.

I am looking for novels and story collections between 45,000 and 100,000 words. My tastes lean toward (but are not limited to) the genre-bending, the fabulists, as well as literary comedies. If there is a serious literary book of deserving quality, I will happily publish it.

If you feel any of the following:

  • locked out of the publishing world, despite being an active member of the literary community
  • lacking the connections or the pedigree to get published traditionally
  • deserving of a larger audience
  • frustrated with the elitism of Big Five publishing and the radio silence of small presses
  • like you've put in way more than "the 10,000 hours" required to master your craft
If I choose your manuscript, I will commit to you that I will not put out a book that I wouldn't feel proud of putting out myself.
Ends on November 1, 2018$5.00
I'm looking for one or two gems to publish in 2018. By gems, I mean novels or short story collections between 40,000 and 100,000 words. 

I am looking for types of novels that for whatever reason, the Big Five have become less interested in publishing. This submission season, I’m looking for literary comedies, because we love comedies and rarely see them in bookstores anymore. If your work draws from influences like Martin Amis, Kingsley Amis, Saul Bellow, Evelyn Waugh, P.G. Wodehouse, Eudora Welty, Meg Wolitzer, or Zoe Heller I would very much like to hear from you. I won’t limit what we publish to literary comedies. If there is a serious literary book of deserving quality, I will happily publish it.
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